Monday, December 4

Ariel Henry attends the International Finance Summit

The Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, took part, this Wednesday, April 19, in the international summit of Finance. Indeed, the head of government participated, this Wednesday, in the third day of the 13th edition of the international finance summit.

“I congratulate those who took the initiative to organize the International Finance Summit which is becoming a tradition,” said Ariel Henry.

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“I especially congratulate them for having chosen to draw the attention of our financiers, our economists and our decision-makers to the importance of the link that exists between finance and ecology,” added the head of the Primature.

Some excerpts from his speech :

I reiterate my faith in a better future for our country. At the level of the government, we are doing what is necessary in consultation with the High Council of the Transition, to achieve as soon as possible a return to the normal functioning of our democratic institutions and the transfer of power to elected officials freely chosen by the Haitian people. This is the sine qua non of the return to this stability and this predictability that investors need to set up their business plan.

It is not international humanitarian aid that can get our country out of the doldrums. These are foreign direct investments, creators of sustainable and well-paid jobs.

Hence the need for the CFI to quickly implement active investment promotion strategies and policies.

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