Imminent Election for President of the Presidential Council

Imminent Election for President of the Presidential Council

Ahead of the official installation of Presidential Council members, a pivotal election is poised to occur. According to internal sources, barring any unforeseen developments, this election is slated for tomorrow, Tuesday. This decision has sparked anticipation and speculation regarding the future trajectory of the Council and its policies.

Four candidates have emerged as contenders for the position of President of the Presidential Council, each bringing a wealth of experience and a distinct vision for the nation. The candidates in contention are:

  • Edgard LeBlanc Fils
  • Fritz Jean
  • Louis Gerald Gilles
  • Lesly Voltaire

This election carries significant weight, as the President of the Presidential Council will play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s political agenda and addressing multifaceted challenges. Stakeholders, both domestic and international, eagerly await the outcome of this closely contested race, which is bound to shape the nation’s future.


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