BAAM supports the presidential council…

BAAM supports the presidential council…

“Bloc d’Appui à l’Accord du Montana” (BAAM) bows to salute the courage of the Haitian people who have developed unwavering resistance to all calamities, insecurity, rape, murder, and economic defeat for the past ten years under the PHTK regime in its various versions.

The bloody regime of PHTK and its allies, in order to continue holding power, have spread weapons throughout the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and in certain provinces among gangs to drive the population out of a series of neighborhoods and establish themselves in others, creating a climate of fear to prevent the population from taking to the streets to protest against poverty, hunger, rape of women and girls, against massacres and kidnappings that ravage society.

Faced with the unimaginable but real degradation of Haitian society where the future of the country is threatened, BAAM salutes the common sense of the political class that is advancing in the process of installing a presidential council with the idea of ​​straightening out the country which is on the verge of disappearing. At the crossroads of the dangerous history of the country today, BAAM believes that all members of the Presidential Council are fully aware of the great responsibility that awaits them because the Haitian people can’t take it anymore, we are tired of running, we are tired of crying, we want to live! There is an old saying: it starts in the morning to see how the afternoon will be.

In this sense, we, along with the entities that make up BAAM, are monitoring the profile of the people who will be part of the ministerial cabinet and at the head of the general directorates to see if the Haitian people should buy the rope to tie their stomachs for next year.

To allow the Haitian people to breathe, BAAM believes that the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister who will be chosen must send a clear signal to the population while avoiding choosing corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent people to head the ministry, the general directorate, the secretary of state, delegation, and our mayors.

At BAAM, we are already prepared to actively support the Presidential Council and the government at all levels as political actors to take the appropriate measures and decisions to solve the various problems facing the Haitian people in the political, economic, social, environmental, climate, humanitarian, land use, gender-based violence, and human rights fields.

This time, BAAM affirms that Haiti must be the priority of all politicians in the country as leaders. In conclusion, BAAM asks the Presidential Council, the two parties, and the Government to present to the Nation a plan that will include 6 Points which are:

  1. Adequate strategy to establish security throughout the country;
  2. A new macroeconomic framework to revitalize the country’s economy.
  3. A plan to combat food insecurity and the humanitarian crisis in the country.
  4. A national conference to establish a governance framework and a country development plan for the next 50 years;
  5. Amendment of the constitution;
  6. Elections to bring the country back on the democratic path. Thus, this political transition will be a success that will allow the Haitian people to regain confidence in their political leaders and history will remember that we made the right decision to rebuild Haiti on the path to political, economic, and social stability.


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