Impacts of general strike on Port-au-Prince

Impacts of general strike on Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, witnessed an atypical day recently as the Anti-Corruption Trade Union Brigade declared a general strike. This move resulted in the closure of schools, causing a temporary disruption in educational activities across the metropolitan area.

The closure of school doors had an immediate and significant impact on the educational sector. Thousands of students and educators were forced to stay home, disrupting the academic routine. Parents, in turn, were compelled to seek alternative arrangements for their children.

While businesses experienced disruptions due to the strike, many demonstrated resilience by adapting to the situation. Despite challenges, several enterprises continued their operations, showcasing a degree of flexibility and commitment to maintaining business continuity.

The public transportation sector faced a noticeable slowdown during the strike. A decrease in passengers suggested potential divisions within transport union associations, as not all fully adhered to the strike. This aspect raises intriguing questions about the level of unity within specific sectors, hinting at potential complexities within the trade union landscape.


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