U.S. Calls for Democratic Restoration in Haiti

U.S. Calls for Democratic Restoration in Haiti

In a strong statement issued on Saturday, the United States has called for the restoration of democratic order in Haiti, emphasizing the importance of an inclusive process to achieve stable governance. American authorities have also urged all stakeholders to reach a consensus on power-sharing, a crucial element for ensuring a peaceful political transition.

In an official statement, the U.S. government expressed its concern regarding the current political situation in Haiti and underscored the necessity of a peaceful and democratic resolution to the tensions. The United States emphasized the importance of open and constructive dialogue among all parties involved to reach an inclusive agreement.

The U.S. call particularly emphasizes the need for free and fair elections in Haiti. American authorities believe that transparent democratic elections are key to restoring the Haitian people’s confidence in the political process and ensuring a legitimate government transition.


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