Tuesday, December 5

Jacques Lafontant opposes an order from an instructing judge

The Commissioner of the Government of Port-au-Prince opposes the order of the investigating judge Marthel Jean Claude who wishes to hear the Minister of Finance as well as the Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as witnesses in the file arms trafficking of the Episcopal Church.

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In a request sent to the investigating judge on May 22, 2023, the chief public prosecutor, sanctioned by the Superior Council of the Judiciary for corruption, brandishes article 298 of the Code of Criminal Instruction concerning senior state officials who cannot never be called as witnesses in a file, whatever its nature.

The height of irony, this same Jacques Lafontant quoted the same article of the Code of Criminal Instruction in a correspondence addressed to the Minister of Justice dated May 16, 2023 to inform him of an order from Judge Morin who wishes to hear the Minister of Social Affairs as a witness in the case of corruption of the Caisse d’Assistance Sociale.

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