Tuesday, December 5

Cap-Haitien: a drama after the celebration of the Flag

In the North, the official Commemoration of the 220th anniversary of the Haitian Bicolor was considered in the imagination of the community as a shame, as a desecration of the dignity and the Christophian pride of the north.

It was for the first time in all of Haiti’s history that the northern population was coveted for this kind of humiliation by the Haitian authorities.

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Ariel Henry humiliated the North, he tarnished the image of the North, the pride of the population. Distribute bags of rice, food dishes, 500 gourde notes. It does not make the people of the North happy.

It is not part of the culture of the people of the North.
For example, a young boy in his thirties, committed suicide on the Place de Vertières, 48 hours after the official commemoration of the 220th anniversary of the Flag Day in Cap Haitien.

A leader who does not respect the history of his country is not a leader, he is a settler.

Ulysse Jean Chenet
General Coordinator of the Point Final Movement
(509) 4183 9811 / 4458 0309

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