Tuesday, December 5

Kenya commits to combat gangs in Haiti

Kenya is actively preparing for a critically important mission in Haiti, with Kenyan Chancellor Alfred Mutua recently announcing preliminary measures aimed at ensuring the success of this operation. At the heart of these preparations, a key aspect is the learning of the French language by Kenyan forces, a step intended to facilitate communication with the local population and Haitian authorities. This strategic decision reflects Kenya’s deep commitment to playing a substantial role in preserving stability and security in Haiti.

Chancellor Mutua emphasizes that this mission goes beyond language mastery, encompassing logistical efforts, the acquisition of appropriate equipment, and thorough personnel training. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Kenyan troops are ready to face all the challenges that await them in Haiti.

At the core of this crucial mission is support for the Multinational Mission in Haiti and a commitment to eradicate the gangs that have plagued the country for an extended period. These gangs have thrived in the absence of adequately equipped security forces to counter them. Kenyan Chancellor Alfred Mutua is confident that his country’s intervention can play a decisive role in eliminating this threat.

Mr. Mutua has also responded to criticism from certain segments of Kenyan civil society. He has emphasized that the gangs do not enjoy the support of the Haitian population, thus reinforcing the legitimacy of the security mission. Kenyan forces are not in Haiti to occupy the country but to work closely with local authorities and international organizations to restore peace and stability.

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