Tuesday, December 5

Haiti : The UN Security Council has voted for the intervention of a multinational force

A significant advancement was achieved on Monday by the United Nations Security Council with the adoption of Resolution 2699. This resolution gives the green light for the establishment of the International Coalition for Security in Haiti in response to the growing power of criminal gangs and the persistent security challenges the country has been facing for some time. The resolution received broad support, garnering 13 in favor votes and only two abstentions from China and Russia.

The situation in Haiti is characterized by a worrisome resurgence of violence and insecurity, primarily attributed to the activities of criminal gangs operating in various regions of the country. This deterioration in security has had detrimental consequences on the daily lives of Haitians, hindering their access to essential services and jeopardizing national stability.

The International Coalition for Security in Haiti will be deployed in the country for a duration of one year, with its primary mission being to combat these criminal groups and restore security. Resolution 2699 outlines a set of measures, including the disarmament of gangs, strengthening the Haitian security forces, and providing humanitarian assistance to address the needs of the civilian population.

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