Tuesday, December 5

List of haitian citizens facing UN Sanctions expected by year-end

The United Nations Sanctions Committee, responsible for overseeing violations of UN-imposed sanctions, is set to release its highly anticipated report regarding Haitian individuals involved in acts of corruption and criminality within the country. Maria Isabel Salvador, the head of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, recently made this announcement, generating significant interest and anticipation both within Haiti and on the international stage.

Maria Isabel Salvador, the director of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, disclosed that the Sanctions Committee’s report would be presented to the UN Security Council in November 2023. This date is eagerly awaited as it is expected to shed crucial light on individuals involved in illegal activities detrimental to the country’s stability.

Madame Salvador also confirmed that the list of Haitian citizens subjected to sanctions for their acts of corruption and criminality will be made public by year-end. This publication will enable the general public and the international community to discover the names of individuals or entities that have violated sanctions, thereby promoting essential transparency in the fight against corruption and crime in Haiti.

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