Monday, December 4

Pastor Gerald Bataille has passed away following a sudden illness

On this mournful Monday, September 11th, a somber pall has descended upon the religious and educational community, for we have lost the esteemed founder of Yaveh Nissi University, Reverend Pastor Joseph Gerald Bataille, due to complications arising from diabetes.

At the venerable age of 69, his life stood as a wellspring of inspiration to countless souls worldwide, and his enduring influence in the realms of education and faith shall persist.

Reverend Pastor Joseph Gerald Bataille was not only a devoted spiritual shepherd but also a venerable scholar. Possessing a doctoral degree in divinity and a master’s degree in leadership, he consecrated his life to the relentless pursuit of wisdom and the sacred service of the Almighty. His visionary quest was to forge an educational milieu that seamlessly integrated spiritual values with academic erudition, giving birth to the venerable institution known as Yaveh Nissi University.

Pastor Destiné Saint-Pierre, the Secretary-General of Yaveh Nissi University, has eloquently expressed his anguish at the passing of his revered mentor and cherished confidant, declaring, “Reverend Pastor Joseph Gerald Bataille was a beacon of light for us all. His unwavering devotion to the Divine, his unflagging dedication to the cause of education, and his boundless kindness profoundly touched the depths of our hearts. His legacy shall continue to illuminate our institution’s path and serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the generations yet to come.”

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