Pastor Gregory Toussaint aims to contribute to a prosperous Haiti

Pastor Gregory Toussaint aims to contribute to a prosperous Haiti

Reverend Gregory Toussaint asserts that nothing can compare to the millions he will spend in support of Haiti. He hastens to affirm that neither the Shekinah nor the Tabernacle of Glory receive support from white individuals, and he feels no fear in the face of attacks.

Indeed, when one possesses a vision for their country, engaging in aggressive acts becomes impossible. Furthermore, he adds with determination that he fears nothing. The undisputed leader of the Tabernacle of Glory recalls that this is not the first time he has invested millions of dollars for the benefit of Haiti.

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Recently, he celebrated the marriages of no fewer than 33 couples, which cost him a considerable sum of $500,000. During Hurricane Matthew, he generously spent an equivalent amount in American dollars to aid the victims.

Moreover, he did not hesitate to spend over $250,000 during the coronavirus pandemic. The head of this church urges politicians not to be swayed by trivial matters. As for the leader of the Shekinah family, he maintains that he does not need to occupy the presidency to change Haiti’s destiny.

He cites the examples of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who, despite not being presidents, valiantly fought for their countries. Similar to these iconic figures, he devotes all his efforts to transforming Haiti. In response to a young man who declared his unwavering support until the grave, the reverend concludes by stating that he has already acquired an entirely new burial garment for this event.


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