Journalists and media owners demand the release of Pierre Louis Opont

Journalists and media owners demand the release of Pierre Louis Opont

An important march took place on Sunday in the streets of Pétion-Ville, bringing together journalists and media owners who demanded the immediate release of Pierre Louis Opont. The former president of Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council had been held hostage for 26 days, causing great concern and unprecedented mobilization in the country.

The march, organized by SOS Journalistes, an organization led by senior journalist Joseph Guyler C. Delva, saw the participation of prominent figures from the Haitian media scene. Among them were Marvel Dandin, Lilianne Pierre Paul, Léopold Berlanger, Jacques Desrosiers, and many others.

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The protesters marched through the streets of Pétion-Ville, waving signs and chanting slogans calling for the liberation of Pierre Louis Opont. The atmosphere was filled with determination and solidarity as the crowd expressed their support for the hostage’s family.

In a poignant message delivered during the demonstration, journalist Marie Lucie Bonhomme, the wife of Pierre Louis Opont, made a direct appeal to her husband’s captors. She pleaded for a humanitarian act by urging them to immediately release Mr. Opont, emphasizing the devastating impact his detention has on his family and Haitian society as a whole.


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