Police-Ordered Armored Vehicles Coming Soon

Police-Ordered Armored Vehicles Coming Soon

After several days of inspection, the Canadian authorities approved orders for armored vehicles for the police institution, designed specifically for heavy-duty operations. All this time has been put into the idea of ​​respecting the law on the export of this kind of equipment.

“The materials are ready, they will be delivered soon to Haiti,” to quote a Canadian official who requested anonymity. The Haitian state has disbursed several million dollars for the acquisition of armored personnel carriers in order to be able to combat this banditry which has a hard life in Haiti.

As a reminder, the Organization of American States (OAS) on Monday accused the international community and the internal Haitian forces of the institutional crisis in Haiti, where the war between armed gangs has caused the death of dozens of people.

The international organization stressed that this is the result of a “bad political strategy” of the international community which was not able to facilitate the construction of a single institution with the capacity to respond to the problems of Haitians.


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