The LEH denounces the illegal actions of the ANTB

The LEH denounces the illegal actions of the ANTB

The Haitian State Lottery, through a delegation headed by the Director of Regional Offices, is hard at work in the North, Northeast, South, Nippes and Grand’Anse. During a press conference held Tuesday in Jérémie, Rolex Pierre gave a positive assessment of the visits.

Owners of borlette banks and sports betting games have been forced to meet their obligations to the LEH. A departmental coordinator has been installed in the South. Gabriel Occy will be able to fully represent the lottery at the level of said department, according to Mr. Pierre.

The team spoke with the government commissioner of Miragoâne, Jean Ernst Muscadin, the latter who promises to accompany the LEH agents so that they can carry out their task in complete safety.

In the same vein, the delegation denounces the maneuvers of the National Association of Tenanciers de Borlette (ANTB) which works in place of the LEH in several departments including the South, where officials of Borlette banks have paid the ANTB , while the law grants full rights to the Haitian State Lottery to collect taxes from tenants.

The Chief of Staff of the Director General reminded those concerned that the lottery is the only body to which they will have to pay their obligations. Enold Florestal mentioned several decrees issued by previous governments on the regulatory role of the LEH in the gambling sector. “The ANTB is a non-profit association”, insisted Mr. Florestel to denounce the illegal actions of the association.

Enold Florestal invites the leaders of this institution to pull themselves together and calls on the tenants to comply with the Lottery.


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