Protest movements are financed… the United States spits on the demands of the population

Protest movements are financed… the United States spits on the demands of the population

The protest movements that are developing and multiplying in Port-au-Prince, and in other cities of Haiti, are supported by economic actors, according to a representative of the American administration for Latin America and the Caribbean .

Since more than a week, there have been violent demonstrations with scenes of looting throughout the country.

For Juan González, principal director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere and special assistant to President Joe Biden, these street movements are financed by economic actors who risk losing money.

“These are people who often don’t even live in Haiti, who have mansions in different parts of the world and who pay for people to go out into the street,” said González during his participation in an event of the Institute american of peace .
In an intervention in France on the 24th of this weekend, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, had made almost similar proposals.

For him, street movements are the work of armed bandits who would be infiltrated by economic hands.

The Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry denied on Sunday in a speech to the nation that the supporters of the protest movements carry real popular demands.
He agrees with the UN diplomat, pointing the finger of armed men in what is happening in the streets of the capital and in the cities of the provinces.

“There really is no easy solution in Haiti. I also believe that letting the Haitians solve their problems, I think, ignoring the really worrying situation that is deteriorating in the country, “said González on Monday during conversations with Keith Mines, program director of the Institute for Latin America.


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