Ariel Henry denies the claims of the people during his address to the nation

Ariel Henry denies the claims of the people during his address to the nation

During an address to the nation, this Sunday, September 18, the Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, deplores the acts of violence and scenes of looting orchestrated during the latest protests across several departments of the country.

The Head of Government says he has identified the “hidden hands” behind these series of mobilizations during which public and private institutions were vandalized, including non-governmental organizations. “Nobody would dare to say that these acts of violence were orchestrated because of the increase in the prices of petroleum products”, released the Prime Minister who points the finger at certain actors who, he says, are at the root of the turbulence .

Some people are unhappy with the reforms he is initiating at the customs level across the country in order to be able to fight banditry, according to the number 1 of the Prime Minister. He calls on the population for calm and unity.

Ariel Henry announces that gasoline is available in quantity in the terminals and will be sent to the pumps, and promises that his government will do its best, despite the meager means, to assist the weakest families.

He invites citizens to clear the streets so that life can resume, because, he says, in two weeks it will be back to school for the 2022-2023 academic year. He believes that it is necessary that his government should engage in discussions with the business sector for the increase in the minimum wage.


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