Regional Solidarity: Suriname Commits to Haiti’s Stabilization

Regional Solidarity: Suriname Commits to Haiti’s Stabilization

Suriname’s President, Chan Santokhi, recently announced during an address to the Dominican Congress that his country would actively participate in the deployment of troops within the Multinational Mission in Haiti. This decision marks a significant milestone in regional efforts to address the political and security challenges in Haiti, which have considerable implications for the entire region.

President Santokhi explained that Suriname views the situation in Haiti as a major regional concern. The political turmoil and security instability in the Caribbean nation have far-reaching effects on neighboring countries, with the Dominican Republic being prominently affected. He emphasized the need for a collective response to address the challenges Haiti is facing.

The Multinational Mission, in which Suriname will play a role, aims to coordinate the efforts of regional countries to support Haiti’s stabilization, both politically and in terms of security.

This initiative will draw upon the resources and expertise of several nations, thereby enhancing the capacity for intervention and crisis resolution in Haiti. This commitment demonstrates regional solidarity in the pursuit of lasting solutions to help Haiti overcome its challenges.


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