Distrust in the Multinational Mission in Haiti: ‘Nou pap konplis’ Call for Accountability

Distrust in the Multinational Mission in Haiti: ‘Nou pap konplis’ Call for Accountability

The current situation in Haiti continues to raise serious concerns on a global scale, and the deployment of an international mission led by Kenya to address it is causing apprehension among many stakeholders and observers.

“Nou pap konplis” has expressed deep concerns and is calling for heightened vigilance regarding the ongoing mission, emphasizing that it should not be a blank check to act without oversight or accountability.

One of the primary concerns raised by critics relates to allegations of torture involving Kenyan forces. Human rights organizations have documented several cases of alleged torture perpetrated by these forces. It is imperative that such allegations are subject to a thorough investigation and taken seriously. Respect for human rights and the dignity of every individual should be at the core of any international mission aimed at stabilizing a crisis-ridden region.

Ricardo Fleuridor, the spokesperson for “Nou pap konplis,” stressed the crucial importance of a transparent roadmap for the Kenyan mission in Haiti. It is essential that the Haitian government and United Nations Security Council member states demand specific details about the mission’s objectives, intervention methods, and monitoring mechanisms. Complete transparency is essential to ensure that actions taken in Haiti align with international standards and the aspirations of the Haitian people.

Mr. Fleuridor contends that the sustainable resolution of the current crisis in Haiti can only be achieved through open, honest, and inclusive dialogue among all Haitian stakeholders. Sustainable solutions often emerge from a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of the local population. An international mission should serve as a catalyst to facilitate this dialogue rather than replacing it.


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