South entrance of Port-au-Prince remains under gang control

South entrance of Port-au-Prince remains under gang control

The Martissant district is still under the control of armed gangs a year after the start of violence in the area, denounced the Center for Analysis and Research on Human Rights (Cardh).

“The State does not intervene to restore public order and international cooperation would play the card of ignorance”, added Cardh in a press release in which he seeks to restore to public opinion what is happening in the region.

Through a report, the organization places the beginning of the situation when the armed gangs of Village-de-Dieu and Grand-Ravine regrouped to confront the Tibwa gang, seeking to control the Martissant 4 and Martissant 23 neighborhoods, where a commercial area has been registered, including an oil terminal.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry promised last February that the government would regain control of the region, particularly the stretch of highway that connects the south to Port-au-Prince.

“I give the guarantee that the police will take control of the road section of Martissant which leads to the great South”, tweeted the Head of Government.| Read more on


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