Saturday, December 2

Social programs, NOU PAP KONPLIS fears mismanagement of the fund

A few days after the government announced the disbursement of 3 billion gourdes to help the most disadvantaged, those who are prey to food insecurity, the leader of NOU PAP KONPLIS warns the authorities about the management of this fund.

Responding to questions from the editorial staff, Ricardo Fleuridor invites the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes not to authorize expenditure under this program. For Mr. Fleuridor, this money will make everyone happy except those who really need it.

It should be noted that this amount, estimated at 3 billion gourdes, is available for the execution of several social programs. A sum that will be used in the creation of labor-intensive works, the distribution of hot meals and the supply of 300 community restaurants in the country.

50,0000 families will receive 3,000 gourdes from their mobile phones as part of this program, which will be piloted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

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