Terror Strikes Ganthier

Terror Strikes Ganthier

Yesterday, Monday, the peaceful commune of Ganthier witnessed an unprecedented escalation of violence as the notorious “400 Mawozo” gang criminals invaded the locality through alternative routes. The local population faced a series of brutal attacks, plunging the community into terror.

Led by the fearsome Lanmò San Jou, gang members wreaked havoc by indiscriminately shooting, burning, and mutilating residents. The streets of Ganthier turned into nightmare scenes, where insecurity reigns supreme.

The “400 Mawozo” gang is known for its extreme violence and brutality, and this recent incursion into Ganthier only reinforces its sinister reputation. Trapped in this wave of terror, residents desperately sought ways to escape the gang’s devastating fury.

In the face of the emergency, many Ganthier residents made the decision to flee to areas considered safer, including Fonds-Parisien and Thiotte. The roads are crowded with panicked families seeking refuge away from the deadly grip of “400 Mawozo.”


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