Muscadin and Richemond Blamed

Muscadin and Richemond Blamed

The Ministry of Justice has issued a stern letter of reprimand against the prosecutor of Les Cayes, Mr. Ronald Richemond, denouncing his recent actions in public. The correspondence, dated December 15, 2023, warns against any further misconduct in the performance of his duties.

“A dispute between magistrates, regardless of its nature or severity, is not to be resolved in public,” emphasizes the Ministry of Justice in the letter addressed to the head of prosecution. Justice Minister Emmelie Prophète Milcé personally signs this message, highlighting the importance of maintaining integrity and dignity in the administration of justice.

The Ministry also expressed dissatisfaction with the prosecutor of Miragoâne, Mr. Jean Ernest Muscadin, denouncing the illegal nature of most of his actions. The explicit letter of reprimand strongly emphasizes Prosecutor Muscadin’s recent misstep, where he left his jurisdiction to go to another, arguing that “his jurisdiction knows no bounds.” Such an attitude is characterized as a blatant disregard for the law.

The Ministry of Justice, in unequivocal terms, instructs Prosecutor Muscadin to respect the established jurisdictional limits for all prosecutors. The correspondence insists on the imperative to comply with the boundaries set to ensure order and legality in the exercise of the responsibilities of each magistrate.”


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