Saturday, December 2

The Dominican Republic calls for international collaboration to stabilize Haiti

The Dominican Republic defended Wednesday before the UN General Assembly that international collaboration is vital to “bring stability and tranquility” to the people of Haiti, to its neighbors and to the region.

The Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, gave his explicit support to the position recently expressed by the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutiérrez, on the need for a robust force, capable of restoring peace and ending to the violence unleashed by the gangs.

“The violence has created a deep social fragmentation, which does not allow the most basic cohesion. For their part, the Haitians are desperately awaiting belated assistance from the international community,” the senior official said in his speech to the United Nations on behalf of Dominican President Luis Abinader, who did not travel to New York to make in the face of the extensive damage caused in the country by Hurricane Fiona.

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