Jerry Tardieu invites a dialogue that can pave the way for a new government

Jerry Tardieu invites a dialogue that can pave the way for a new government

The former Haitian parliamentarian and leader of the political structure En Avant, Jerry Tardieu, proposed Thursday to the protagonists of the crisis which is shaking this country the holding of a “political summit” which opens the way to the establishment of a new government.

Tardieu warns that the situation in Haiti, now aggravated by the government’s decision to raise gasoline prices, is “getting worse.”

“The nation is fragmented, disunited and divided,” he said. “Hopes of finding a solution are dwindling,” he added. “I see the despair that invades Haitian families, themselves helpless in the great suffering of seeing the collapse of the country. What is happening in Haiti is a real tragedy,” said Jerry Tardieu.

Faced with the critical situation experienced by Haitians, the former deputy called on the government of Ariel Henry, political parties and civil society to “play a crucial role in resolving the crisis”.

According to Tardieu, the Prime Minister has never been able to meet the two main demands that constitute his responsibilities: restoring security and organizing elections.
He asserts that the Prime Minister “has never been able to find a political consensus among the living forces of the country”, he said. “The 9/11 political agreement that he himself had crafted with his allies, and which he presented as the one to which the actors had to adhere, is now in tatters,” said Tardieu.


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