Saturday, December 2

The Haitian State Lottery urges borlette owners to respect the rules of the game

The General Directorate of the Haitian State Lottery presents its compliments to the owners of borlette and wishes to remind them that, according to the protocol of the winning prizes in force, the amount to be paid for any bet of a gourde is fixed as follows:

  1. Fifty Gourdes (50 Gdes) for the first batch
  2. Twenty Gourdes (20 Gdes) for the second batch
  3. Ten Gourdes (10 Gdes) for the third batch
    In combination series of more than two figures for any purchase of a water bottle, the amount to be paid to the winner is established as follows:
  4. One thousand gourdes (1000 Gdes) for the wedding
  5. Five hundred Gourdes (500 Gdes) for the 3-digit Lotto
  6. Five thousand Gourdes (5000 Gdes) for the 4-digit Lotto
  7. Twenty-five thousand (25,000 Gdes) for the 5-digit Lotto

The General Directorate of the Haitian State Lottery requires that the tenants strictly respect the said protocol because any derogation constitutes an enterprise of unfair competition, punishable by law, aimed at penalizing tenants with low financial capacity for the benefit of large tenants.

In addition, the General Management invites the tenants to take the necessary measures in order to pay their operating authorization to the Lottery, the only body under the law, empowered to regulate the system of games of chance and money. in the country.

To this end, within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the date of publication of this Memorandum, the inspectors and collection agents will proceed to the seizure of equipment and the outright closure of the points of sale of the Borlette banks. not in good standing with the Lottery

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