Brazil: Ariel Henry stands in solidarity with president Lula

Brazil: Ariel Henry stands in solidarity with president Lula

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, hundreds of supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro attacked several democratic institutions in Brazil. The head of the Haitian government, Ariel Henry reacted quickly on Twitter, to show his solidarity with President Lula.

“The Haitian government condemns the attacks on democratic institutions in #Brazil and renews its support for President @LulaOficial recently elected by the Brazilian people,” is what can be read on the Twitter account of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

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Hundreds of protesters were in the streets of Brazil yesterday, Sunday, January 8, on their heels, demanding a military intervention to overthrow the elected president. Many material losses would be recorded during these attacks, according to several media.

Protesters stormed a number of buildings including the Place des Trois Pouvoirs, a gathering place of the Congress building, the premises of the Supreme Court, the Brazilian presidential palace to name but a few.


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