The National Police in search of Vitelhomme’s men

The National Police in search of Vitelhomme’s men

A new targeted police operation was carried out on Monday, October 31, by agents from several specialized units of the National Police of Haiti in Pernier and Dumay.

To this end, a task force made up of agents from the SWAT unit, UTAG and those from the territorial units under DDO-2, were deployed on board a convoy of heavy machinery (armoured vehicles ) as part of an assault on Vitelhomme’s gang in his strongholds. At the scene, a stolen vehicle was recovered and an individual suspected of being an active member of the said gang was also arrested.

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Commander-in-Chief Frantz ELBÉ and the high command are doing everything possible to dismantle the armed gangs that are harming the public peace. Also, to do this, the collaboration of the population is always necessary.


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