Resigned from MTV-Ayiti, Fenley Cius wants to continue the fight for social justice

Resigned from MTV-Ayiti, Fenley Cius wants to continue the fight for social justice

After the resignation of Dr. Réginald Boulos from the presidency of the Movement for the Transformation and Valorization of Haiti (MTV-Ayiti), the party experienced difficult times. The one who was appointed, in this case, Fedner MILFORT, to lead the party until the organization of the national congress, was challenged by members.

This friction caused a division. Fenley Cius, after much discussion, has decided to throw in the towel. For the time being, the young political leader is closely studying the socio-political situation of the country before engaging in other political structures.

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“The decision to end my membership in this movement, of which I was a founding member, is the result of a long reflection linked to the internal problems which affect the smooth running of this structure. My level of motivation to participate in writing the history of this movement and the triggering of the process of its creation has not been the same for several months. Which leads me to resign as the initiator of the top executive of MTV-ayiti,” Cius wrote.

For the love of the country, Fenley Cius intends to continue to fight for a Haiti where life is good, where social justice is taken into account. During his time at MTV-Ayiti, he had shown a citizen committed to a better living condition for the population. He still believes that only dialogue can help the country get out of this mess in which it finds itself.


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