Monday, December 4

The Troubling Connections of Reynold Deeb with Gangs

In a recent hard-hitting report, experts from the United Nations (UN) have brought to light compelling evidence implicating Reynold Deeb, a renowned businessman, in the financing of criminal groups and opposition activities in Haiti. These revelations cast a stark light on the alleged connections between the business world and criminal entities operating in Haiti.

According to the UN experts’ findings, Mr. Deeb is believed to have provided financial support to gang members with the aim of safeguarding his business interests. These criminal groups are notorious for their activities in various regions of Haiti, wielding substantial influence on the ground. The financing of these gangs by a businessman of Deeb’s stature is a shocking revelation.

The UN report goes even further by alleging that Reynold Deeb may have made substantial payments to a gang leader to facilitate his operations in the ports. This accusation underscores the gravity of the situation, as the ports represent crucial strategic points for the country’s economy, and their control by criminal actors could have disastrous consequences.

In addition to the allegations of gang financing, the UN report also suggests that Reynold Deeb provided financial support to the “Peyi lòk” movement, composed of opponents of the former Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse’s regime. This revelation raises questions about Deeb’s role in Haitian politics and raises the possibility of potential interference on his part.

These new revelations from the UN expose troubling links between an influential businessman and shadowy forces in Haiti, raising concerns about the impact of these connections on the country’s stability and security.

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