Saturday, December 2

The UN calls on all actors to work together to defuse the situation…

The priority of the United Nations in Haiti is to continue to fulfill its mandate and to support the people and the government of Haiti, in a context where Haitians are currently facing insecurity and Persistent uncertainty in the capital of Port-au-Prince and throughout the country.

The personnel of the UN is essential to support the efforts of stability and security and also to carry out interventions that would allow saving lives to continue its activities from Haiti. These activities also include those intended to provide support to the population facing the current situation.
The support provided by the UN with the aim of building a dignified life for all Haitians remains maintained and is essential. A small number of staff members will work remotely in order to be able to fulfill their duties more efficiently.
The UN in Haiti condemns the violence that the country has witnessed in recent weeks and calls on all actors to work together to defuse the situation and ensure a return to calm.

The UN in Haiti closely monitors the evolution of the situation and is ready to deploy emergency humanitarian aid if humanitarian needs are likely to increase.

The UN continues to work tirelessly with government representatives, political actors, civil society groups and private sector stakeholders to find lasting solutions to this crisis and a peaceful and prosperous future for all Haitians. and all the Haitians.

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