They demand the release of Elysée Blaise

They demand the release of Elysée Blaise

Dozens of residents of Montrouis gathered in Saint-Marc this Wednesday to protest against the arrest and detention of the interim executive agent, Elysée Blaise. The protesters demanded his immediate release, accusing the authorities of arbitrary detention and lack of evidence.

The interim executive agent, Elysée Blaise, was placed in detention at the civil prison of Cité de Nissage Saget on Tuesday, after being questioned by investigating judge Francisco Marckensy Beauplan. This arrest follows the ongoing investigation into the murder of Attorney André Charléus, a tragic event that has shaken the Montrouis community.

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The peaceful demonstration brought together residents of all ages, expressing their support for Elysée Blaise. The signs held by the protesters carried messages such as “Free Elysée Blaise now!” and “Justice for Montrouis!”. Some also carried photos of the executive agent, highlighting his dedication to the community and his key role in local development.

The protesters believe that the arrest of Elysée Blaise is unjust and politically motivated. They assert that the executive agent played no role in the murder of Attorney André Charléus and ask the authorities to provide tangible evidence to justify his detention. According to them, Elysée Blaise is a dedicated servant of the Montrouis community, known for his integrity and hard work.


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