Employees of NSWMS protested to demand their salaries

Employees of NSWMS protested to demand their salaries

A tense situation erupted on Wednesday morning at the National Solid Waste Management Service in Petite Place Cazeau, plunging the atmosphere into a heated climate. The institution’s general director, Paulemont Germain, couldn’t handle the pressure and fainted due to stress. Employees and daily workers gathered to demand payment for three years of delayed wages, leading to a series of lively protests.

The palpable tension in the SNGRS premises reflected accumulated frustration over time. Angry and feeling neglected, the employees decided to make their voices heard collectively. Their main demand was the payment of overdue salaries, a situation that had persisted for three long years. Workers, feeling disadvantaged and disregarded by management, expressed their dissatisfaction loudly and resolutely.

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The protesters also turned their attention to the institution’s administrator, Bibiana Bélizaire. They believed she shared some responsibility for the unpaid salaries. Criticisms flew from all sides, targeting both the general director and the administrator. The atmosphere grew increasingly tense, with protesters becoming more aggressive in their demands.

Faced with this explosive ambiance, Bibiana Bélizaire had a difficult time leaving the premises. She encountered the anger and frustration of the employees, who prevented her from leaving easily. The scene was chaotic, with determined protesters seeking to be heard and obtain justice.

The situation was critical and required prompt intervention from the competent authorities to ease tensions and find a satisfactory solution for all. The employees of SNGRS were tired of waiting months and years to receive their hard-earned salaries. They deserved recognition for their work and fair remuneration.


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