Three Days of National Mourning in Remembrance of Boniface Alexandre

Three Days of National Mourning in Remembrance of Boniface Alexandre

A wave of sorrow and contemplation engulfs the Haitian nation as the days of Saturday, August 12th, Sunday, August 13th, and Monday, August 14th, have been officially declared as national mourning days in honor of the late Boniface Alexandre, former interim president. This distinguished leader passed away on August 4th at his residence in Delmas 75, leaving behind a lasting political legacy and an unwavering commitment to democracy.

Following a government decree adopted during a ministerial council and published in the Le Moniteur newspaper on August 9th, a series of national funerals will be organized to pay the ultimate respect to the former interim president. Boniface Alexandre, a respected and dedicated figure, assumed leadership in Haiti during a crucial period in its history.

In these hours of mourning, the Haitian people unite to express their gratitude towards this exceptional statesman. The streets of Port-au-Prince are imbued with emotion as citizens gather at impromptu memorials to pay tribute to the memory of Boniface Alexandre.

These national funerals, in accordance with the provisions of the government decree, will become a solemn moment where local and international dignitaries will come together to celebrate the life and legacy of this eminent statesman. The footsteps left by Boniface Alexandre remain a source of inspiration and guidance for present and future generations, steering them towards a more just and democratic future for Haiti.


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