Nicolas Delépine Resigns

Nicolas Delépine Resigns

Nicolas Delépine has made the decision to step down from his role as the national coach of the Haitian women’s team following a series of disappointments and results below expectations. Despite the efforts of the Haitian Football Federation to retain him as the team’s head, Delépine has chosen to conclude his tenure, thereby paving the way for new opportunities.

Delépine’s resignation comes in the wake of a string of underwhelming outcomes for the Haitian women’s team, marked by three consecutive losses and an inability to score any goals in the recent matches of the Women’s World Cup. These underperformances have sparked criticism and raised questions about the team’s direction under his supervision.

Despite these challenges, the Haitian Football Federation had expressed its intention to keep Delépine in his position. In a statement to AFP, he confirmed, “The Federation had expressed its desire for me to stay, but I have chosen to embark on a new adventure, retaining only good memories.”

Delépine’s decision to step aside opens the door to new prospects for the Haitian women’s team. Despite the hurdles to overcome, the hope for rejuvenation and improvement remains. The search for a new coach capable of guiding the team to better performances will undoubtedly play a significant role in the upcoming months within the Haitian Football Federation.


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