Monday, December 4

US agents who mistreated Haitians at the Mexican border will be punished

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will sanction border agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants trying to enter the United States through Del Rio, Texas, last September, according to a report.

Through a federal source, Fox News has confirmed that over the next few days DHS will come up with proposals for disciplining officers and then they will be given the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges against them.

The charges will be “administrative violations” and not criminal offences, of which they were acquitted earlier this year.

Footage at the US-Mexico border shows officers on horseback preventing Haitian citizens from entering the country. These images sparked outrage, especially among Democratic lawmakers.

Officers were accused of using the reins to control horses as whips against people, which is why an investigation has been opened.

The photographer who took the images said they had been “misinterpreted”. President Joe Biden was outraged by the event and promised consequences.

“It was horrible what you see, what you saw: to see people being treated as if they were, with horses almost running over them and people tied up. It’s outrageous. I promise these people will pay Biden said days later.

The agents have been relieved of their usual duties and are prohibited from having contact with the migrants.

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