US authorities deport the wife and children of the head of the “Gran Grif Base”

US authorities deport the wife and children of the head of the “Gran Grif Base”

The American immigration agents deported Dahana Théodore, who is the wife of Luckson Elan alias (the general) who is the number 1 base of the Savien “Gran Grif”, along with her 2 children on Sunday, October 30, 2022, after about a year of coming to the region.

Dahana, who came from Mexico to the United States, lived in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Florida. He was arrested by immigration as he was about to receive a sum of money sent to him by the bandit leader Luckson Savien.

As it was not the first large amount of money he would receive from Western Union, the agent who was handing him the money had to ask him questions about the person who sent the money and what he will do with this pile of money.

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Because he could not explain the source of the money, the Western Union agent did what the law required him to do in this case. After police intervention and investigation, American immigration deported the wife of the gang leader Luckson Elan to Haiti.

Dahana Théodore, Luckson’s wife, did not want to leave Luckson’s 2 children behind, immigration had to deport her and her 2 children. Arriving at the house, Dahana kicked out Carlène St. Paul, another woman the general lived with in the headquarters. This deportation has caused great panic in the base which has limited the general movement.

We are reporting that Dahana Théodore left another Florida husband since she married an American citizen, in order to change her status. We remind you, the American immigration has already deported Mrs. Hyguens Noreston alias (Nontrop) #2 base of the “Gran Grif” who did not have the chance to spend much time on the land of Uncle Sam.

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