Saturday, December 2

Violence in Carrefour-feuilles: Loss of life as violence strikes again

A new wave of deadly violence, orchestrated by the notorious gang leader known as Ti Lapli, has plunged the community of Carrefour-feuilles into an unprecedented state of distress and panic.

But this reign of terror hasn’t been confined to just this area—other neighborhoods have also fallen victim to the influence of Ti Lapli’s affiliates, primarily under the command of the Gran Ravin gang.

The recent horrifying incident in Carrefour-feuilles marks the latest in a series of increasingly violent and terrifying episodes that have shaken the entire region over the past few months. According to residents, these episodes involve brutal attacks, automatic gunfire, and merciless assaults carried out by members of Ti Lapli’s gang. Regrettably, the tragic consequences of these acts have resulted in loss of life and injuries among the victims.

Confronted with this imminent threat, a significant number of residents have been forced to abandon their homes in order to evade the relentless attacks. Ti Lapli’s gang, under the leadership of its namesake, has earned a notorious reputation for its brutality and its control over certain parts of the capital.

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