Monday, December 4

Tragedy strikes at pastor Marco’s demonstration: Canaan bandits unleash gunfire

What started as a demonstration aimed at dismantling the criminal Canaan gang took a devastating turn this Saturday, as armed bandits opened fire on the protestors. Pastor Marco orchestrated this march to voice the community’s discontent and their collective determination to quell the violence and insecurity inflicted by the notorious Canaan gang.

The gathering, drawing hundreds of devoted Christians and other civic-minded individuals, swiftly descended into darkness when armed assailants infiltrated the crowd.

Eyewitnesses recount the eruption of gunfire, sowing panic and bedlam among the assembled. The toll of this violent act is staggering: a minimum of ten faithful Christians have fallen victim to the Canaan gang, led by Ti Jeff.

Beyond these heart-wrenching casualties, the Canaan bandits have also abducted an unspecified number of attendees who participated in the demonstration.

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