A case of cholera detected in Savanne Pistache

A case of cholera detected in Savanne Pistache

Cholera is within our walls after three years without a single infected person. In a note made public, the Ministry of Public Health confirms that a case of cholera has been detected in Savanne Pistache, Carrefour-feuilles district in Port-au-Prince.

Health authorities have also suggested that other suspected cases are also detected in the Brooklyn district of Cité Soleil. People are arriving urgently at Médecins Sans Frontières with symptoms of cholera, we learned.

The Ministry of Public Health asks the population to respect hygiene measures in order to avoid catching the disease.
Remember that Cholera was introduced into Haiti in October 2010 by a Nepalese contingent from the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (MINUSTAH). There have been 800,000 infections and just over 10,000 deaths.


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