Saturday, December 2

A Haitian police union demands a change in leadership at the police institution

The ongoing insecurity situation in Haiti has reached a critical point, prompting the National Police Union of Haiti-17 to insist on the immediate departure of the Director General of the police, Frantz Elbé. In a public statement issued last week, the union advocated for new leadership at the helm of the police force, arguing that the current Director General is overwhelmed by the situation, allowing criminals to reign supreme in the country.

The security crisis that has persisted in Haiti for many years has reached an alarming level. Criminals have intensified their unlawful activities, spreading terror and chaos throughout the nation. Citizens live in constant fear of kidnappings, armed robberies, and acts of violence. The situation has deteriorated to the point where law enforcement appears incapable of addressing this growing threat.

The union believes that the Director General of the police, Frantz Elbé, has failed to resolve the issue of insecurity, and it is high time for a radical change in the leadership of the institution. Union members assert that the current situation calls for strong, competent, and determined leadership to confront criminals and restore public order.

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