Monday, December 4

Carmelo Dalzon announces upcoming album

Haitian singer Carmelo Dalzon, a rising artist currently based in Canada, was born in Port-au-Prince in 1978. Completing his primary and secondary education in Haiti, Dalzon displayed an early affinity for music, which swiftly transformed into an all-consuming passion.

His ardor for music was distinctly expressed through his deep fascination with the entrancing rhythms of compas. Music became a perpetual presence in his life, serving as an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration.

In pursuit of fresh opportunities, he ventured to Canada, a nation renowned for its cultural and musical diversity. It was there that Carmelo Dalzon recognized the moment had come to showcase his singing prowess. Recently, he unveiled his debut single, entitled “Pouki Ou Fem Sa.”

This composition, steeped in compas influences and graced by Dalzon’s captivating vocals, elicited enthusiasm among music aficionados throughout Canada. His capacity to seamlessly meld elements of traditional compas with contemporary nuances has been commended for its distinctiveness and captivating allure.

The artist shows no inclination to rest on his laurels. He is actively engaged in crafting a comprehensive album, comprising no fewer than ten tracks. This endeavor pledges to demonstrate musical diversity and thematic depth, all while underscoring Carmelo Dalzon’s exceptional vocal talent and undeniable devotion to the art of music.

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