A hijacked bus with all passengers held hostage

A hijacked bus with all passengers held hostage

Another tragedy has befallen the Patrick Coach Line Transportation Company as one of its buses was hijacked on Tuesday by criminals operating in the Tibwadòm region. All passengers on board the bus were kidnapped, leaving families gripped by anguish and uncertainty. The bus in question was on its return journey from Port-de-Paix to Port-au-Prince when the incident took place.

As of now, there has been no communication established between the abductors and the families of the hostages, intensifying the worry among loved ones.

Regrettably, this is not the first occurrence where the Patrick Coach Line Transportation Company has been targeted by criminal activities orchestrated by the Tibwadòm gang. These criminals are affiliated with the notorious gang known as “Kokorat San Ras,” which has set up an operation base in the Tibwadòm area, located between Bassin Bleu and Gros-Morne. Additionally, this gang’s members persist in carrying out operations at Croix Périsse, the southern entrance of the city of Gonaïves.

The security situation in the region has raised significant concerns among both authorities and citizens. The actions of these criminals not only have devastating impacts on the lives of ordinary citizens but also disrupt the proper functioning of businesses and essential services, including public transportation.


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