Tuesday, December 5

DIGICEL’s Fiber Optic Cable Severed in Martissant: Insecurity Impeding Connectivity

Mobile phone company DIGICEL has reported a significant disruption to its services in the Martissant area due to a fiber optic cable being severed. This issue is primarily a result of the insecurity prevailing in this hard-to-reach zone.

Responding to this incident, DIGICEL has promptly mobilized its teams to repair the damaged cable and reinstate connectivity in the region. However, this disruption underscores the challenges that certain communities face in terms of accessing the internet and communicating, all due to instability and gang activities.

However, beneath this technological disruption lies a much more profound problem: the insecurity and gang presence in the Martissant area. This region has unfortunately gained notoriety for being a territory surrendered to criminals, where state authority appears to have withdrawn, creating a vacuum that criminal groups are quick to exploit. With the local police station out of operation, the criminals operate with impunity, exerting their influence and control over the local population.

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