André Michel Attacked by Supporters of Martine Moise!

André Michel Attacked by Supporters of Martine Moise!

During an emotional ceremony in tribute to the late Liliane Pierre-Paul, the star presenter of the “4th Channel” news program, a shocking scene unfolded at Parc Sainte Thérèse last Saturday. Me André Michel, an iconic figure in the Haitian legal profession, was targeted by presumed supporters of former First Lady Martine Moise, he claims. The incident has sparked great dismay among the attendees and cast a shadow over the funeral of the departed journalist.

According to eyewitness accounts, Me André Michel was violently assaulted during the funeral ceremony. The assailants clearly singled out the lawyer and reportedly attempted to physically harm him. In a courageous statement, Me Michel denounced the attack, stating that “Their objective was to assassinate me.” These poignant words reveal the gravity of the situation and the threat looming over the life of an influential figure in the country.

This unfortunate event has also led to apologies from Me André Michel to the family of Liliane Pierre-Paul. The lawyer expressed regret for the unfortunate incident that occurred during the funeral proceedings of the late presenter. The funeral of Liliane Pierre-Paul, which should have been a moment of reflection and commemoration, was disrupted by this shocking altercation.


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