Tuesday, December 5

Clashes between gangs in Port-au-Prince, deaths and injuries to report…

Downtown Port-au-Prince is under gang control. The armed bands of Bel’Air, 5 Segond, G-Pèp confront the men of Krache Dife and G-9 for control of the territory.

Early this Wednesday, a fire broke out in the premises of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, the origin of this act is still unknown. No results for the time being. However, the climate remains tense around the church, according to witnesses.

During the morning of this Wednesday, a tension reigned in the vicinity of the national penitentiary. Some speak of an attempted invasion, because prisoners have taken over the prison courtyard to denounce their poor conditions of detention.

In the same vein, an employee of the Journal Lenouvelliste was hit by two projectiles, he was quickly admitted to hospital for necessary treatment.

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