DR : Over 20,000 Haitians Deported in August

DR : Over 20,000 Haitians Deported in August

In August 2023, the Dominican Republic carried out a massive deportation of 23,829 Haitian nationals, sparking significant international concern and eliciting various reactions. Dominican authorities justified this action by asserting that these Haitians were in an irregular immigration status within their territory, thus raising crucial questions about human rights, immigration policies, and cooperation between these neighboring nations.

Over the years, thousands of Haitians have crossed the border in search of better economic opportunities. Many of these Haitian immigrants have worked in sectors such as agriculture, construction, and tourism in the Dominican Republic, often in conditions of economic and social vulnerability.

According to Dominican authorities, the Haitians deported in August 2023 were in an irregular status, meaning they lacked the necessary documents and visas to reside or work legally in the country. The Dominican government justified these deportations by citing the need to enforce immigration laws and protect national resources and employment opportunities for Dominican citizens.

However, this situation has raised concerns about the respect for human rights and the treatment of migrants, as well as the need to seek fairer and more sustainable solutions to address the issue of migration between the two countries.


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