Kenya is closely monitoring the evolving situation on the ground in Haiti

Kenya is closely monitoring the evolving situation on the ground in Haiti

A high-level meeting was convened this week in Nairobi between Kenyan President, Williams Ruto, and the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, with the primary agenda being a comprehensive discussion on the prevailing conditions in Haiti. This meeting took place against the backdrop of an acute humanitarian and political crisis in Haiti, and it underscored the imperative of a harmonized international response to aid the nation in surmounting its pressing challenges.

The gathering in Nairobi accentuated the pressing nature of the Haiti situation. Antonio Guterres, in his capacity as the United Nations Secretary-General, urgently called upon the international community to take immediate action, both in providing emergency humanitarian assistance and in assisting Haiti in reestablishing political and social stability.

Kenya, being an African nation actively engaged in global affairs, has expressed deep concern regarding the situation unfolding in Haiti. President Williams Ruto duly informed Mr. Guterres that Kenya is meticulously tracking developments on the ground in Haiti and is conducting a thorough assessment of the available avenues to contribute to the resolution of this crisis.

Drawing upon its extensive experience as a substantial contributor to United Nations peacekeeping missions, Kenya acknowledges the paramount importance of coordinating international endeavors to effectively address the Haitian crisis. However, the Kenyan government is committed to making a judicious decision concerning the potential deployment of a multinational force in Haiti, rigorously evaluating the feasibility of this option and its capacity to bring forth tangible improvements in the Haitian context.


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