Tuesday, December 5

Escalating conflict between the government and the High Council of Transition

Already tense relations between the High Council of Transition (HCT) and the Haitian government are on the verge of complete rupture following a recent decision by the Council of Ministers. This decision, involving the appointment of a new council to lead the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH), has sparked growing discontent among HCT members. President Mirlande Manigat has already expressed her disagreement by sending a letter to Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The appointment of the BRH council without prior approval from the HCT has triggered a major crisis between these two key government bodies. The HCT was meant to play a crucial role in the governance of the nation until democratic elections are held.

In her letter to Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Mirlande Manigat strongly criticized the government’s decision to appoint a new council to lead the BRH without consulting or obtaining approval from the HCT. She emphasized that this unilateral appointment called into question the Prime Minister’s willingness to work closely with the HCT and raised concerns about unilateral decision-making.

Discontent is not limited to letters of disagreement. According to well-informed sources, at least two HCT members are seriously considering resigning in the coming days. These potential resignations could further exacerbate the already fragile political crisis in Haiti.

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