Tuesday, December 5

Fuel crisis: 1.3 billion gourdes for importers, two boats expected in Port-au-Prince

The fuel crisis is the result of a disagreement between the Haitian state and importers of petroleum products. They demanded payment of a debt in order to be able to import the product.

This Wednesday, a source confirmed to the Editorial Office that the government is beginning to honor its debt to importers. 1.3 billion gourdes is the amount paid to them and another payment will be made in the coming days. Once this problem is resolved, it is clear that fuel should be available in the pumps. It should also be noted that oil company officials report an insufficient amount of dollars for supplies.

It should be noted that until this Wednesday, April 27, there have been long queues at gas stations.

Of note, the Commerce Minister is announcing the arrival of two boats carrying oil products. Ricardin Saint-Jean took the opportunity to disprove the rumors that the government will increase the price of fuel.

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